Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter morning..

Oh my god, I can't see anything I told Maa when I looked outside the window of my room. It is so foggy. Whatever! I had to get going fast and chill outside was making it even worse.  The colors of cozy winter clothes, mittens, mufflers, caps; that people wear really make me miss him even more. 
Rubbing my palms against each other to warm up, I walked briskly. I knew I will be late, every day Maa tells me to sleep on time, and every day I get up late. But I had to speak to him. I so very wish he could have understood, how I felt. How I felt about him, and "ourselves". If life was so simple then why does it always seem so complicated, I have been there for him always and now it was his turn to stand by my side. My parents are looking for an eligible match for me.

I had reached Metro station and moved quickly to the platform after punching my smart card at the entry gate. All the passengers seemed to be in a hurry, for a second I thought; Did they get up late too?? While I was waiting for the Metro, I saw a school kid with his mother and it was so relaxing to observe him for a while. You know what was he doing? He was smoking in and out the fog.. I remember doing that too. It used to be funny, but sweet. I got inside the Metro and stood next to the window pane for the doors opposite to the entry door. Looking outside the window I thought, why did we meet? and what were God's plan if he made us meet so often, speak so often and like each other so much. Yes, by now I knew everything about him, and I am sure he does about me too. 

Did i even need to explain him, how I was feeling inside. I guess either he too was upset last night or he was being too ignorant. I just didn't like the escapism! Had I been the guy I would have dealt with the entire situation on my own know what my(the girl's) intentions were. Anyhow, I guess I am thinking too much, may be he is working on it too. He told me he needed some time. But how much time? I can't ask my parents to wait. I just heard the announcement for the station, where I had to get down and I just managed to get down in time. God! is it a Do or Die day for me!? Uff. 

I have to take exit from the metro station and take an Auto fast or else I will be killed today.. My Boss will literally blast today. I had to be there for the presentation at 10a.m. Thank God, I had prepared the presentation day before yesterday itself. Does before hand planning always help? Do we really get things/results that we expect out of our plans.. I just want him to give it a genuine try. He should speak to his family soon. Don't know what are they going to say. What will I do if they say No.. and will he go against his family? 

Urrghh! I can't be such a pessimists, lets hope for the best. I know he loves me more than I even know! :)

It is going to be 10:15, and I have finally reached office. 

Will keep this space posted..

Have a wonderful, shining day! :-) 

P.S. A piece of fiction. Part-1

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