Sunday, December 19, 2010

Broken dream.. :(

Like a child dreams of flying one day..
I too had a small cherished dream at bay,
A simple wish of doing the undone..
unfortunately it was approved by none,
My heart skipped a beat at it's realization..
I was fearless and excited-no inhibition,
I got what I wanted and desired for long..
it soon became a part of me, that was called "wrong",
I was hurt, now I could feel a drenched dream..
in the tears of mourning and unchained screams,
It was gone. It wasn't with me anymore..
but the memories, it's feeling is what I will store,
Etched in my heart forever and ever......


  1. hello Megha,
    Wie geht es Ihnen? Ich habe erst A2 stufe abgeschlossen.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I see you live in Delhi! I myself have lived there for 5 years and went to Delhi University.

  2. Hi Deepanjana,
    Gut Danke! und dir?
    Ich lerne Deutsch. Ich habe Prüfungen für Stufe A1 gegeben. Ich finde dein Blog sehr interessant.
    Ja, ich wohne in Delhi. :-)

    I would like to follow your blog and keep in touch with you, Hope you won't mind.

  3. Hi Megha,

    Thanks for stopping by, also for ur comments, i have linked my chocolate mousse in my post, pls do check dear, u have a beautiful space..

  4. @Priya- I have checked the recipe :-) .. Thanks for your prompt response!

    and m glad you liked my blog.. I have started recently, I would be equally delighted if you leave your responses to my posts..if you get time to visit again.. :)

  5. Hello Megha,

    Thanks much for your kind words.1st date was one odd work that I scribbled after being greatly criticized for my first work "The Will".
    I have written another poem "2194 days" which again will gain a lot of criticism....well thats how I like to write.


  6. Hello Megha,

    Broken Dream is definitely the cream in the jet stream of the poems you have written.The thought was rejected,negated and leaves the poet chained in agony, i like the rhyming as well. Awesome work!!


  7. Anupam,

    Thanks a lot for your words of appreciation! :) They meant a lot!
    I re-read the poem once again.. just now..!
    I like your writings, you are great with rhyming, I must tell you that. Criticism should not obstruct your pen or will :P
    I will hop on to your blog now to give 2194 days a reading :) ..

    *hugs* .. Megha!

  8. beautiful poem... take care of yourself :)


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