Friday, October 19, 2012

Tears of Joy

"I think you are just feeling low, Ishika", said he.
Hearing this tears rolled down her face and she thought to herself - I have been feeling low from I don't-remember-since-when!

And she immediately cracked a joke and they both started laughing!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oh Fish!

Have you ever attended a party without any will?
stayed there to enjoy and told yourself to chill..
Have you ever eaten a dish served below your expectation?
ate it to fill yourself and gauged the level of satisfaction..
Have you ever forcibly met someone again and again?
yet spoke to them at length and couldn't refrain..
Have you ever compromised on the clothes you bought?
only to tell yourself they are not that bad; as you thought..
Have you ever half-heartedly danced to a song?
and told yourself to forget for how long..
Honestly tell me, have you ever faked a smile?
and convinced yourself it is going to be just for a while..
But have you ever nonchalantly lived against your wish?
only to realize each day life is - cry and drink the same water like a fish!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

An Untold Story

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Riya was trying her new clothes when Ashish Bhaiya opened the door.
"Oh! I am so sorry, I am sorry!" Ashish Bhaiya apologized and closed the door.
She cursed her bad luck one more time and was thought aloud - "Why me again?" and hoped in vain that Ashish Bhaiya might have not seen anything.
Within minutes she was downstairs with her family and Reena Auntie's family. She behaved as if nothing happened, but she could still feel the goose bumps. 
Ashish Bhaiya behaved as if he had not even met Riya till now. Later, both the families had dinner and Reena Auntie and Riya’s mom continued to talk till they called it a night.
The day passed and Riya returned home with her family, she was in a fix and was trying to decide if she should tell her mother about this embarrassing incident. The answer was NO because, her mom would have scolded her for not bolting the door properly. She dropped the idea of sharing this incident. Riya didn't write her daily diary that day.

It was Sunday afternoon and both the sisters were too engrossed in discussing their lives since they were meeting after a month. Like always Riya didn't want to come to Reena Auntie’s house but had to accompany her mom, she was not willing to leave her comfortable couch next to the television when unfortunately, Reena Auntie asked her to get the newly bought pressure cooker from the kitchen to show it to Riya’s mom. As Riya crossed the lobby, she noticed Ashish Bhaiya was studying in his room. She was making an attempt in reaching out for the top most shelf, when Ashish Bhaiya entered the kitchen and stretched his arm and helped her fetch the new Pressure Cooker. Riya got a little uncomfortable with the abrupt closeness they shared for that moment, while Ashish Bhaiya's body rubbed hers and his pelvic area touched her back. She changed her posture as soon as she could. It was the very next moment when Riya was stepping towards the door when she felt Ashish Bhaiya's hand on her waist. He pulled Riya towards the kitchen slab and picked up an Almond from the bowl kept on the slab. Riya was clueless about what was going to happen today!
She tried to open her mouth to say, I want to go. But all she could utter was.. "Aaai" when her wide open mouth was sealed with Ahish Bhaiya's lips. She tried to resist and felt that he was too powerful for her. Before she could say anything, now he picked up an almond and planted it on Riya's lips and started biting both her lips and the almond. Ashish Bhaiya's hands were exploring Riya's body. Riya was too zapped and helpless to even shout or make any noise. When she gasped for a breath she pushed Ashish Bhaiya, hurried towards the door and left from the kitchen.
She could hardly say anything when her mom questioned her about being so callous and not bringing the pressure cooker. On the way back home, Riya yet again dropped the idea of speaking about what happened today thinking her mom would judge her and probably not allow her to go out of the house to play with her friends. Riya didn't write diary that night.

"Riya get ready, we are going for lunch to Reena Massi ji's house", screamed Riya's mom. 
Riya just couldn't muster up the courage to tell her mom why she hated going to Reena Massi's house. Unwillingly, she got ready and they drove to Reena Auntie’s house. “Hello Pinky! Hello Riya!” welcomed Reena Auntie. Riya greeted and met everyone in the family except for Ashish Bhaiya. He was not in the living area, so Riya was too relieved and comfortable to be at Reena Auntie’s house only until her mom interrogated, "Where is Ashish? Is he not at home"?  To which Reena Auntie replied, "Pinky, he is upstairs preparing for his exams."  Riya was disappointed with her mother’s interrogation. 
It was very difficult for Riya to kill time now. She asked Reena Auntie, "When are we having lunch I am hungry"? And she regretted initiating this conversation the very next minute!
Reena Auntie replied, "Within 10 minutes, why don't you go and tell Ashish to come downstairs for lunch".
Riya wanted to simply answer back and say- "NO, I will not go!" but all she could say was, "I want to watch this movie." It was not a substantial excuse and her mom immediately yelled at her, "Riya stop being such a TV addict"! Go right away!
Like a school child Riya, counted the steps on her way upstairs. When she entered Ashish Bhaiya's room, she found him studying. She was so desperate to just pass the message and leave the room in seconds. But Ashish Bhaiya was too overjoyed to see her and he exclaimed, "When did you guys come"? Riya didn't want to talk to him, but she had to reply, "An hour ago, I think". He asked her to sit and she didn't sit. 
Riya signposted him why she was there in his room and conveyed the message, "Reena Massi asked me to tell you that lunch is ready." 
Okay we will have lunch together, at least sit down, he answered. "Are you not going to give me a hug"?
Riya was not ready. 
In few moments he pushed her against the wall and started crushing her body. She tried escaping his powerful grip, but he bolted the door this time. Riya, realized if she will revolt he can get nastier. Ashish removed his pants and tried to show his manhood to Riya. 
Her eyes were closed. He offered her to feel him and make him feel good. Riya could have never imagined things would come so far and while she was just thinking how to make an excuse she was shocked to feel his hands on her skirt. He slid her clothes down and watched her with hungry eyes. Riya didn't make an eye contact and absolutely wanted to run away. He touched her and felt that she was too young and he uttered, "Oh! you are just 13"! 
Riya thanked God when Reena auntie shouted, "Ashi the lunch is ready, hurry up"! 
She found an excuse to get up, dress and reach out for the door. Ashish opened the door for her and she ran as if she ran for life. Riya wrote diary that day:

"Dear Diary, 

I want to tell you something, it is very bad and it is about me. I am very scared. I am very hurt and I want to die. But mom will scold me so I cannot die. I cannot explain it to you today, but one day I will tell you, "An untold story". 
Please keep it as a secret with you.

Your princess Riya”


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