Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Leisure of Life"

As one grows up, he starts to set goals and gets trapped in the vicious circle of responsibilities and expectations. No doubt, life offers a lot of opportunities to celebrate and rejoice. But the frequency of such occasions varies from one individual to another or may be at our perspective. A carefree state of mind is difficult to attain. Since the time of birth, a person starts learning. The learning continues till he dies. While you learn to do things, you realize time flies and you are an adult. Other phases of life demand a lot of decision making and a grown up you. Either life changes or we change ourselves with time. The word leisure is remotely related to being carefree, like a child. It is only subject to things like watching television, surfing Internet, listening to music or may be talking to friends over phone. Materialistic things, outings only give us momentary pleasure and satisfaction.

It is not the distortion which prevails in one's life, but in one's mind which steals away the enthusiasm and charm from the adult. Not always you will come across people who are trapped in this lifestyle and who are busy with a monotonous schedule. There are some exceptions who not only believe in living life to the fullest but also in rejoicing each and every moment of it. Being stress-free and uninhibited becomes a natural act for such people. After a little bit of introspection, we would all agree that the "little me" is alive in all of us. We just need to connect and bond with our inner self. A healthy mind and an easy going full of life attitude will drive any individual with great zeal. But, after this realization do we really go for a makeshift? Are we really going to condition our stubborn and reluctant brain to become 'carefree' and experience a leisured life? We don't have to try any of these mind-tactics to enjoy or experience joys of life. It can be derived and felt from ordinary moments of life. It is the peace of mind, sense of being content and the urge to relish life which leads to inner happiness or leisure in whatever we do. A happy heart does not require extraordinary thinking or planning to enjoy life; it just needs an innocent, curious and excited you.