Monday, June 15, 2015

Soaked in Love

This post has been published by me as a part of Blog-a-Ton 55; the fifty-fifth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. In association with ​Rashmi Kumar, the author of Hooked, Lined and Single and Jyoti Arora, the author of Lemon Girl. . 

Rishabh picked up bags for Aliya and Rohan and asked them to hold the umbrella above their head. He then picked them up in his arms making sure their school shoes don’t get dirty and their uniform is not drenched in rain. Yes, he loved rains like crazy! But right now he knew he had a great task at hand, to drop his kids to the school. Sonalika waved towards the three of them, 'Bye Rohan! Bye Aliya! Be careful, don't play in rains! Finish your lunch..' she yelled.
She noticed she had to quickly pick up the clothes that had been drying up. While she gathered all of them, she got drenched in rain. She still had to finish her daily chores. Sonalika quickly packed Rishabh's lunch. She went to change her clothes.
'Ting-Tong, Ting-Tong' she heard the door bell. She wondered who had rung the bell, since Rishabh had just left 10 mins ago. She wore her maxi that she had just removed.
She answered the door- "Whose there??"
A male voice answered- “Sona, it's me! Open the door."
'Rishabh! You just scared the hell out of me', she screamed. She opened the door and handed over a towel to Rishabh. 'You will catch cold, who asked you to go out without a rain coat?' she scolded. Rishabh admired her, as she walked out of the room and moved to the other room to change, he smiled playfully. He shut the door and followed her into the other room. She was busy murmuring, 'I need to take care of every one. Nobody listens to me....’ Suddenly she felt a hand cupping her left bust. 'So, nobody listens to my baby...Hmnn' Rishabh whispered softly in Sonalika's ear. Before she could reply, she felt Rishabh's lips over hers. He was slowly and softly exploring her soft lips.
Sonalika felt a spark with her husband’s unexpected gesture. Rishabh's wet hairs were touching her forehead and she slowly opened her lips and pressed her lips on his lower lip and sucked it softly. Rishabh moved his hands around her neck and through her wet hair; he slowly moved one of the straps of her bra from the right and kissed her shoulder. Sonalika asked, 'Are you not going to work today?' Before she could ask more questions, Rishabh again started kissing her amorously. She moved her fingers on his spine, digging in her nails. Just as she thought she is taking the lead...Sonalika began moaning.  Rishabh knew exactly what turns on Sonalika. She felt his lips all over her bosom; her bra was on her waist.., while she leaned on the wall. She looked at Rishabh through her half opened eyes, while he was fondling, squeezing and biting the fuller and voluptuous beauties. Her moaning grew louder as Rishabh gripped and mouthed them one after the other repeatedly. He softly chewed Sonalika’s nipples between his teeth. She cried in pain, 'You know how to get me going, don’t you!'
The cool breeze filled their house as the window banged wide open in the other room and they could hear the rain pour heavily loud and clear outside. Rishabh couldn't resist the aroma of the rain drenched walls of his veranda.  Just when he closed the windows...he felt some caressing between his legs. Sonalika, made Rishabh lie down on the Sofa. 'What are you doing baby' he asked her innocently. 
She gently moved her hands around his inner thighs, legs and felt his pelvis. She started breathing heavily and kissing his crotch. Rishabh closed his eyes and was just lost in to another world with each warm breath that she blew. Sonalika started getting a response from the monster with each breath she exhaled. Her face was dug between Rishabh’s legs. The lightning struck again. Both of them were lost in the comforting sound of raindrops and thunder. 
In the grey light that filled up their room, Sonalika pulled down his brief along with his track pants and covered Rishabh's aroused monster with her juicy wet lips. Their living room echoed Sonalika swallowing and gasping the big demon and shadowed her face going up and down. 
Rishabh was ecstatic, when he felt her tongue playing with his precious two. He moved Sonalika's bum towards his face while she licked and caressed his jewels with love. Before Sonalika could finish fondling and sucking the hard rock bone, she felt a current around her clitoris. Rishabh was ready to charge! He wanted Sonalika to widen her legs. He slid her panty and passionately rubbed his tongue between the folds of her labia. As soon as he started to insert his tongue and stimulate her, Sonalika couldn't resist, 'Honey please! Make love to me' she begged Rishabh.
Rishabh removed Sonalika's wet panty and wrinkled maxi in haste.  She winked and grabbed a cover for Rishabh's wicked toy. She removed his wet t-shirt before she climbed him up. She cried in joy, 'Aaargh! I am not getting down today easily.' The wall shadowed their coherent humping, which rhymed like a song with the raindrops outside. After a while, Sonalika switched position and Rishabh pushed to and fro rapidly. ‘Faster! Harder! Yeah harder!’ she moaned. Going deeper each time and stroking Sonalika sensuously, Rishabh widened her legs.  As Sonalika clutched her legs across him, Rishabh felt a gush of juices moving out, ‘Love you! My horny babe!’ he exhaled. They clenched each other's hands and gasped for breath. Their pink faces were relaxed.
As they lay on the bed and cuddled each other, they heard the thunder, lightning and raindrop. They looked into each other’s content eyes when Sonalika lovingly said, despite being married for so many years; this romantic monsoon rain ‘soaked us in love’ again.

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