Monday, December 2, 2013

Redefined Love of an Arranged Marriage

I can not forget how I you looked and when I met you for the first time,
I had butterflies in my stomach, I wore my peach dress and a sweet smile..
I still remember those days, text messages and meetings we had,
Oh! I can't skip our arguments and fights which drove us mad..
Although we had our moments of "getting to know each other",
I was still not in love..and was unsure about our marriage and future..
Sometimes I was excited, sometimes I felt loved and sometimes I was misunderstood,
But mostly I was scared of this decision and I was terribly confused.. 
Now after living a hundred and ninety eight days of our marriage with you ,
Today I feel how naive, ignorant and stupid I was to doubt you..
You haven't let any day pass without expressing how much you love me,
With you there hasn't been a night when you haven't hugged me..
I cook for you once in a while and you buy me gifts occasionally,
You are a spouse, a guide and my friend I can trust completely.. 
Our fights haven't reduced, we argue, we cry sometimes and complain, 
Honey but our love conquers these fights each time and would still remain same.. 
You have accepted me with all my imperfections and loved me everyday,
your unconditional and selfless love has made me a different "Me" today.. 
Each day I thank God for blessing me with you my darling,
I thank you for being so understanding, caring and loving..
Actually I thank you for being "you"! 

Love you forever and always..

P.S.1 - Thanks to my dearest friend Khushboo and her entire family for introducing me to you! :)
P.S.2 - I am back again and a Big Hello to my Blogville friends :) ! I hope you remember me :P

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Blessed 2013 :)

Dear Blog,

First of all a very Happy New Year to all my blog friends, I know I have delayed this post enough, but as they say better late than never. So here I am. I hope this years unfolds and brings happiness, prosperity and good health to your life. May God sprinkle a lot of surprises upon you and your loved ones.

With this warm wish and a little promise of blogging more frequently, I wish everyone a great 2013 ahead! 

Happy Blogging! :-)