Saturday, December 29, 2012

My nation awaits 'Moral Renaissance'

The Delhi gang rape on 16th December' 2012 along with a series of incidents that followed this barbarous act, have drawn a very shabby image of our country's state of law and order in front of the whole world. The brutal act of six men raping a 23-year old girl and assaulting her along with a male companion on a moving bus has not only shaken the entire nation but has galvanized mass protest against 'crime against women' in India. 

The Indian youth stood unitedly for the safety of the women of the country. The policemen across the capital and the higher authorities could not adapt to the outrage. They were not sensitive or empathetic towards the youth who was out on the streets of Delhi, supporting and protesting against this heinous crime. While I pen down my views, I feel a cold shiver as this thought strikes me, "What if all this happened with me?"
Quite honestly, we can not even imagine this villainous offence with ourselves, our sisters, our mothers or our female friends. But deep inside our hearts we know, it could have been any one of us in place of that 23-year old girl. A hero in true sense, she fought with fortitude and unfortunately passed away this morning after undergoing emergency treatment in Singapore for brain and gastrointestinal damage from the assault. 
Including the top government officials of our country, the entire nation has mourned her saddening demise. She is in the prayers of one and all, may God rest her soul in peace and give strength to the bereaved family to deal with the loss of their beloved daughter.
What haunts the protesters and the women of this country still is, the accused are still alive, although their death would have not cured the victim or pacified the masses. It is high time and justice must be given. The police officials, committee personals and the ministers were seen promising to the nation via media of better laws and governance. It would be seen in the coming year when all these suggestions would be implemented or when "you" go out and let your daughters go out without the fear of being raped or assaulted by anyone.