Sunday, November 4, 2012

Real Celebrations of Life

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If we were to go by the dictionary meaning for Celebration it says, "to observe (a day) or commemorate (an event) with ceremonies or festivities or to make known publicly or proclaim or to perform with appropriate rites and ceremonies; solemnize"
Need I say the moment one reads these words, images of the respective meanings take us down the memory lane to our favorite festivals, our birthdays, our promotions, achievements, targets met, house-warming, new assets, a new born in the family, foot-tapping music along with dance, delectable delicacies and last but not the least weddings! 
"Celebration" in simple words signifies manifold joy and triumph in numerous ways. Behind all these special occasions goes a lot of preparation, hard work, sincerity and mostly a lot of purchasing. Would it be appropriate if I call it a journey? A journey of anticipation. With each passing day you are one step closer to exuberance. We all know what awaits us. A special day over-flowing with smiles, near and dear ones around, aroma of joy in the air, rosy-cheeks with glistening eyes, plentiful camera-clicking, guests dressed to perfection, ceremonies/festivities/achievements/additions elevating the present state of being. 
A moment when you are uninhibitedly enthusiastic. 
But this reminds me of the childhood joys, when I used to play with my friends and the excitement that followed with the winning score. It reminds me of the grey clouds and rains on a winter night. How can I forget the act of bunking college for movie plans with friends. My first kiss reminds me of how my heart skipped and tickled at the same time. The moment of getting a surprise from someone. Being appreciated. Receiving compliments. Praying and wishes fulfilled. First bike ride. Ironically these moments do not require any preparation and are little celebrations of life without any decorations. They can not be artificially created or planned. They can be felt as we live each day, as we grow old.
But how many times have we paid any heed to the these little celebrations? How many times have we clicked ourselves candidly and admired it? Ever looked at your childhood albums? I am sure you will find many such moments captured. 
As we grow older, our heart gets lured with the grand celebrations in life. Which is absolutely not wrong, the nature of "celebration" is such that as years pass by we eagerly wait for these significant days in our lives. Undoubtedly they are memorable and popular. But what we overlook is that the "real" and spontaneous joys(celebrations) of life are unlimited and can be relished anytime without any anticipation or preparation. They are as special as our festivals, as our achievements, weddings, new assets. They are gala in nature too if rejoiced effusively!
So this festive season, I have a sweet and simple wish - May we celebrate the festivities of life and not just the festivals/days in a year. 

Happy Celebrating!

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