Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some progress..

First of all a very happy new year to all.. ( I know m a little late.. but better late than never! )
I was writer's block struck! .. :P I guess what else could be the reason for not writing for so long..? Can't think of a good excuse! he he.. Let it be, I am glad m back. :) .. Alright, So New year has been mmmm so far so good! I cleared my exams for German level A1 and did eventually make to my dream destination of studying in Max Mueller - Goethe Institute! I just love being there, and our new teacher is also amazing. She is very patient i must say. Apart from the academic progress I also tried my hands on a new cake recipe which i saw on Divya's blog. Let me honestly confess I did look for other recipes and did a lot of googling, and video hunting for a good chocolate cake with keeping in view the ingredients at hand. But ultimately it was the "Chocolate Mud cake" .. and it was just yumm! Well, the only reason I'm praising it is because it was the best I have ever prepared and it got me appreciation from my mom and sis. Cooking sometimes is so much rejuvenating! I wish to try a liquor cake too.. may be next time! :P
So far, I am loving the weather here, winters this time were not gloomy though I had my share of mood swings.. lol.. I am such a mood driven person :( sometimes i hate it.. but most of the times I love it. Thanks to a few people who visited my blog and left comments in past, and some who visited and didn't like too much of verses.. oh Gloomy verses.. they make me feel blue too.. :P I will try to keep my blog happy and all cheered up! I promise. 
For the time being "Das ist alles!" That is all. I'm enclosing the pictures of a few cakes I tried in past few weeks.. and I hope they demonstrate my progress in the kitchen :D

1) The Easy chocolate cake- I had prepared this on Christmas was a decent attempt considering it was 1st one. 

2) The Chocolate Coffee Cake.. lol... Somehow I didn't like it much. :( It wasn't that bad. (It has a garlic roll.. I haven't succeeded in making them! Every time we had them, my sis prepared them!) I love them.

3) The Chocolate Mud Cake :-) Thanks Divya, for sharing this recipe it was the easiest! My favorite till date! I wish to make it again soon.. 

Happy Blogging.. 


Megha :)