Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I got to know you, liked you and I started nurturing our friendship,
very soon I was crazy about you and I was high on this love-drip..
We were close and near..I found your arms wrapped around mine,
it was very special, ecstatic and peaceful..for me it was divine..
I had no wishes, and asked for no more bliss, but with open eyes
I started to dream, a dream about our inextricably inseparable lives..
Our love grew stronger every day and reciprocal in every way,
I can't defy, I was aware about the dead end I had to face one day..
After the mourning I observed requiem for my shattered dream,
I hate myself for not changing even after the turmoil felt and seen..
I can't stop loving you and missing your embrace; I beg you to leave,
I have tried knowing new people and flirting with them to make me believe
that you are gone, and you no more belong with me, I hate myself personally,
for not not succeeding each time and killing a little me within ignorantly..
Now the blistered me tries to make a fake attempt to be strong and brace up,
because I have to live, and I hate to live without you and alone wake up..
Can I honestly say something? Will you do me a favor- Since you can't be with me, 
can you please stop pretending the same and ask your memories to free me.....