Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I got to know you, liked you and I started nurturing our friendship,
very soon I was crazy about you and I was high on this love-drip..
We were close and near..I found your arms wrapped around mine,
it was very special, ecstatic and peaceful..for me it was divine..
I had no wishes, and asked for no more bliss, but with open eyes
I started to dream, a dream about our inextricably inseparable lives..
Our love grew stronger every day and reciprocal in every way,
I can't defy, I was aware about the dead end I had to face one day..
After the mourning I observed requiem for my shattered dream,
I hate myself for not changing even after the turmoil felt and seen..
I can't stop loving you and missing your embrace; I beg you to leave,
I have tried knowing new people and flirting with them to make me believe
that you are gone, and you no more belong with me, I hate myself personally,
for not not succeeding each time and killing a little me within ignorantly..
Now the blistered me tries to make a fake attempt to be strong and brace up,
because I have to live, and I hate to live without you and alone wake up..
Can I honestly say something? Will you do me a favor- Since you can't be with me, 
can you please stop pretending the same and ask your memories to free me.....


  1. A bird in you is trying to break the shackles and fly away, seeking freedom from the ghost of past.By far your best work.You've broken my myth of me being emotionally very expressive writer ( No comparisons) but sheer pleasure.
    I would say thats not a strong but mighty comeback. I wish you get what you want soon!

    Fav lines~"After the mourning I observed requiem for my shattered dream,
    I hate myself for not changing even after the turmoil felt and seen.."...mind blowing.


  2. :) .. Anupam.. thank you so much.. for being there to give all my writings a reading! .. Well yes they are my favorite lines too :) .. I hope this feelings just ditches me..soon!

    Thanks again.. :)..your words made my day!

  3. Hi There Megha
    its been a while i visited and i must say
    I have to do more
    Ur words are diamonds i read them again and again
    may i ask??? This is not abt ur life no???
    its painfull and same time beautiful
    tx for sharing

  4. and i love Ninda Noyana hindawee My song...Our song
    Its a pleasure to listen to it while reading
    i have this song daily in my car.txxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. @Chica, :) Thank you so much.. You are an old friend.. !

    I love this song too, and it was through you.. I got to know about it! .. It is soothing, it is there in my phone as well...

    Megha :)

  6. ghosts of past are never going to leave us,experience speaking! It's better to not let them make way to our thoughts...let them rest in one corner of our heart..the more you want them to leave the more prominent they become :)


  7. @myexposition: Thanks a lot for visiting and leaving comments :) ...

    I will take a note of your words... and try to inherit them as a habit :)

  8. I can only say that in the process of removing someone from memories, we engage in their thoughts more...it is a catch 22
    I hope you get closure soon....

    But one day you would wake up, memories would still be there, but they won't bring you any pain or sadness...You'd be busy thinking about your new life, time shared with someone new and your future together...

    Hugs, wishing you a happy life...

  9. I agree... :( I realized it. and Can I confess something.. I am eagerly waiting for that day... when I will be busy thinking about my future and my new life.. with some one special.. :)

    Thanks a bunch..!



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