Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thank you :)

Unlimited hugs to comfort, 

companion for walk for all seasons, 

selfless love to make you feel wanted forever, 

trustworthy eyes to rely on, 

always ready to cheer me up, 

get annoyed like a sibling and wag a tail again in absolute fondness..

I am blessed! 

Thank God for granting one of my childhood wishes to have a pet :)

P.S. God bless him with a healthy life, :-* (touch wood)


  1. tht's sweet - my daughter is wooing(read threatening, forcing,cajoling) me to buy one - ur post has warmed my heart immensely !

  2. Trust me you will fall in love with the pet, My parents were strictly against it. I was told to wait till I finish my school, then.. job.. then I was told get a Dog when you are with your husband.. and one day I cried and begged my MOM.. you know how Mothers are ;) .. he he he.. I got him the very next day :D .. and Since then.. My parents are more fond of him.. than me.. :\ ..

    Well, the best part about getting a pet is- nobody seems to be old.. All of us behave like kids when we are around him :P ..

    Give it a second thought Priya :) ..

  3. u r right megha ! the reason i hesitate in having one is because i have never been around one! had working parents and they were dead against it because there was no one at home to take good care of it ! so there is this umcomfy feeling whenever i am around dogs - but i do want my daughter to be around one and experience all those emotions u so fondly penned ! hmmmm - probably this year- will keep ya posted !

  4. :) ... m so happy I could make you peep into this world.. :) .. I will be really glad to know how you feel.. there after..

    I can truly understand since my parents are working too :) ..

    Lots of love.. Megha :)

  5. aww what a cute cute baby that is :) what's his name?

    Pets are precious,touchwood,you've got a lovely one :)

  6. I love dogs, the one on the photo looks too good. What is the name of this breed of dog?


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