Sunday, August 30, 2009


All of us have experienced those hours of distress, anxiety and disbelief. When science, technology and efforts fail to succeed and we expect a miracle to happen, we pray. No, I am not going to mention any of those breath taking moments in life. Neither, the ritual of following a particular deity or worshiping an idol is what I intend to talk about.
I am trying to recollect all those instances when I felt helpless and things were out of place, when I wanted to put an end to the confusion, discomfort, pain, to the sorrow.
I remembered my lord. I prayed. When I almost remembered everything in seconds, as if some lightening struck and I felt illuminated to confess my bad deeds. My actions could only take me where I was, and I yearned for peace, for warmth, for someone to come and treat me like a learner, just 'forgive'; rectify all that I have done wrong and turn everything right.
My faith in my lord was never so strong, as it is today! I still remember the day when I told my self, why me? and wondered, what is in store for me? I never got an answer and I cursed my luck and thought may be I expect too much. I was disheartened.
Today I have got the answer, "Time".
Everything in life has a time. A few things are predestined for us, and endurance makes us value it more. But when we pray and remember someone in faith, that it only they who can do something, patience comes naturally to us.
The faith of being looked over, of being cared and of being heard at all times is incredible. I feel secure. Of late when I got a few things in life, which I least expected. They have changed my life to some extent. Sometimes, it is only faith in oneself, which keeps them strong, alive and going on. I trust my family by default. But, with friends, it has come with years and time. For 'My Lord', it has come with endurance.
Now my faith in him, tells me, he  is looking over and will take care of me.. and my loved ones!

P.S. Its my very first post of this blog, and I do not remember after how many years..hope I continue writing!