Sunday, January 4, 2015

Surreal love

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"With her starved legs wide open she lay on the bed with her dress gathered at her waist. She was squeezing as he sniffed her hungry labia and licked it caressingly. Her legs widened and her pelvic swayed in a rhythm. He had tasted and tickled her clit and stroked the vulva till she moaned and was out of breath. She clenched her fists and felt the contractions between her legs, when she closed her legs on his face. She was satisfied. 
She got up to soothe him and petted him till he wagged his tail. She fondled his balls and stroked him till there was a knot and he was hard like a rock. He was ecstatic with the rhythmic hand job. He stood still and panted heavily. He calmed himself down, after he had cleaned himself looking at her happy face."

It all came to her as a flashback one night when she was crying to herself lying next to her husband. Kaina had consciously forgotten about it as if it were a dream, because the fact was she was now married. She never had to explain Rocky, what she needed. They knew how the other felt within by a mere look in each other's eyes. But this relationship was a secret. Probably because it would not be understood by anyone except the two of them. Actually it was not acceptable by the society she lived in. Although she could but she never let Rocky become a part of her present even though he lived with her and her husband to make sure she gives 100 percent to her marriage.

That night when Kaina tried explaining her husband how badly she needed him to make love, she felt as if she was begging and justifying her physical needs. Thereafter she thought to herself, Some people become a part of our souls, they don't ask you questions. You don't tell them a thing. Yet they know what is missing, what you need, what has happened, what will satisfy you, what will make you happy. As she pondered sitting alone in her room the next morning, Rocky came to her waging his tail and he rubbed his head against her arm. She felt no resistance, as her legs unfurled to his warm tongue yet again as he understood what she needed. She realised who was her real soul mate.

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 is here!

Unbelievable! I didn't write a word in year 2014 on my blog! I was definitely too occupied with work, family and work again. Well, it's better late than never. 
I am glad I am back and this time I am not just back for one post in the year. I am back for good. I am going to be regular and I promise to write and blog hop often. (No that is not my new year resolution!) I will blog more often because it has always given my peace and made me happy.
I have a few thoughts in my mind that I want to keep close in my daily thoughts. Hence I want to pen them down here:
I want to stay positive, be a good person and do good this year.
I will love myself and take care of myself. I will have more of ME time..
I will smile, laugh, sing and dance more often. Just a little bit of fun won’t spoil me!
Last, but not the least I want to be thankful to God, my elders and have gratitude in my heart for everything and everyone because it has always made me feel light inside and feel good!
I am going to write soon about what all has happened in year 2014 in my upcoming blog posts.
Wishing all my readers and dear ones an year filled with new opportunities, new strengths to realize dreams that are old and new! Wishing everyone around me and out there good health, lots of wealth, success in whatever they do and most importantly happiness each day and in years to come! A very happy new year 2015!