Sunday, July 19, 2020

LOCKDOWN - A Journey Within

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Shweta never knew that phone call from her boss, about coming to work on Saturday on urget basis to collect a Laptop at 9:39pm would change her life. 
On 21st March 2020, Shweta left for work and later that afternoon returned with a laptop for Working from Home. 
Yes, you guessed it right! It was in anticipation of the pandemic and nationwide lockdown; her company management had decided to enable the WFH facility for most of the employees.

It was the new normal to work from home and work for home simultaneously! In the middle of routine work, she managed to take a quick bath in her 15 mins break. She started to like the flexibility of sitting in her pajamas and comfy bed while working from her new machine.

No traffic Jams, no Cab Delays.. simply wow!
But very soon she started realizing this new work lifestyle was leaving her with no demarcation between her work and personal life.

1 Month Later: 
Shweta - Hey! I baked a cake.
Kapil - Wow! You are too good.
 Shweta - You also made such amazing Biryani the other day, yaar. . we no longer need to order food.

2 Months Later:
Kapil was trying to caress her and he softly kissed her bosom but Shweta was so tired that she just pushed him away irritably. 
Kapil asked her- Kya hua?  (What happened). I have been noticing you have changed of lately you have no time for me.
Shweta- Nothing m tired, let me sleep. I have my weekly meet tomorrow morning.

Next Week:
Shweta - Kapil, lets watch a movie tonight, huh?
aKapil - Yes, even i have been thinking i will watch this latest web series with you.. but i have this massive Gas problem today. Don't know it hurts badly. I guess we will watch tomorrow. It's Sunday.

3 Months Later:
Kapil - What are you making today in breakfast, m very hungry.. Aayi is also asking, she just knocked on the door.
Shweta - Nothing.
Kapil - What!?
Shweta - Yes, you heard me right. I need a day off please. My body hurts, im mentally exhausted. 
Kapil - Was I not tired yesterday, but I did the clothes last night. 
Shweta - I have been cooking, cleaning as well, while WFH. This lockdown is killing me now.
Kapil - You have changed so much Shweta! 

Shweta decided to have a day with herself. She left for a long walk and realized, she had no time for herself or Kapil. They were hardly spending anytime in bed or otherwise. 

It was that day, Shweta realized it wasn't a physical lockdown that was making their marriage fall apart but the mental lockdown. 

Our thoughts are our mental diet. What we see, read and listen to defines our thought process.

Both Shweta and Kapil changed their mental diet and started a journey within. 
Shweta loves reading books and writing. While Kapil loves watching movies and cooking. 
They started deep breathing, Yoga and meditation along with a balanced Work Life Balance while working from home. 
They saw drastic changes in their lives. 

How have you coped up with the lockdown, do share :)..

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Let bygones be bygones... I can and I will do it!

I wish my dear blog a very "Happy New Year".
As I begin to pour my heart and mind by pressing these tiny keys on my laptop, I recall clearly each time I have come to my personal Blog. It gave me peace and a comforting feeling.
I wish to write more often and more vividly, this year.  I couldn’t be regular last year. The last year taught me in many ways both personally and professionally. I will keep my learning close and I definitely look forward to the new challenges and changes that lie ahead of me… Change is the only constant thing. 
I will dearly miss a few people that left me and my family last year. Life and death are not in our control. I will specially miss my dear Grandma- ‘Mata Love you always!’
A lot of times I didn’t feel too well and now I know because I couldn't write as often I used to write before marriage. I promise, now I will.
I am eagerly waiting to hear from my readers, fellow friends on the Blog-ville. 
Pardon me for any errors, I have lost touch and I need to brush up my writing skills.
I am all ears to any suggestions or corrections. 
My mantra for this year is: 'Only you can bring change to your life.'

Wishing everyone all the luck and strength to chase their dreams, fight their little battles with a brave heart and achieve what their heart yearns for. 

Candid Girl - Megha

Monday, June 15, 2015

Soaked in Love

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Rishabh picked up bags for Aliya and Rohan and asked them to hold the umbrella above their head. He then picked them up in his arms making sure their school shoes don’t get dirty and their uniform is not drenched in rain. Yes, he loved rains like crazy! But right now he knew he had a great task at hand, to drop his kids to the school. Sonalika waved towards the three of them, 'Bye Rohan! Bye Aliya! Be careful, don't play in rains! Finish your lunch..' she yelled.
She noticed she had to quickly pick up the clothes that had been drying up. While she gathered all of them, she got drenched in rain. She still had to finish her daily chores. Sonalika quickly packed Rishabh's lunch. She went to change her clothes.
'Ting-Tong, Ting-Tong' she heard the door bell. She wondered who had rung the bell, since Rishabh had just left 10 mins ago. She wore her maxi that she had just removed.
She answered the door- "Whose there??"
A male voice answered- “Sona, it's me! Open the door."
'Rishabh! You just scared the hell out of me', she screamed. She opened the door and handed over a towel to Rishabh. 'You will catch cold, who asked you to go out without a rain coat?' she scolded. Rishabh admired her, as she walked out of the room and moved to the other room to change, he smiled playfully. He shut the door and followed her into the other room. She was busy murmuring, 'I need to take care of every one. Nobody listens to me....’ Suddenly she felt a hand cupping her left bust. 'So, nobody listens to my baby...Hmnn' Rishabh whispered softly in Sonalika's ear. Before she could reply, she felt Rishabh's lips over hers. He was slowly and softly exploring her soft lips.
Sonalika felt a spark with her husband’s unexpected gesture. Rishabh's wet hairs were touching her forehead and she slowly opened her lips and pressed her lips on his lower lip and sucked it softly. Rishabh moved his hands around her neck and through her wet hair; he slowly moved one of the straps of her bra from the right and kissed her shoulder. Sonalika asked, 'Are you not going to work today?' Before she could ask more questions, Rishabh again started kissing her amorously. She moved her fingers on his spine, digging in her nails. Just as she thought she is taking the lead...Sonalika began moaning.  Rishabh knew exactly what turns on Sonalika. She felt his lips all over her bosom; her bra was on her waist.., while she leaned on the wall. She looked at Rishabh through her half opened eyes, while he was fondling, squeezing and biting the fuller and voluptuous beauties. Her moaning grew louder as Rishabh gripped and mouthed them one after the other repeatedly. He softly chewed Sonalika’s nipples between his teeth. She cried in pain, 'You know how to get me going, don’t you!'
The cool breeze filled their house as the window banged wide open in the other room and they could hear the rain pour heavily loud and clear outside. Rishabh couldn't resist the aroma of the rain drenched walls of his veranda.  Just when he closed the windows...he felt some caressing between his legs. Sonalika, made Rishabh lie down on the Sofa. 'What are you doing baby' he asked her innocently. 
She gently moved her hands around his inner thighs, legs and felt his pelvis. She started breathing heavily and kissing his crotch. Rishabh closed his eyes and was just lost in to another world with each warm breath that she blew. Sonalika started getting a response from the monster with each breath she exhaled. Her face was dug between Rishabh’s legs. The lightning struck again. Both of them were lost in the comforting sound of raindrops and thunder. 
In the grey light that filled up their room, Sonalika pulled down his brief along with his track pants and covered Rishabh's aroused monster with her juicy wet lips. Their living room echoed Sonalika swallowing and gasping the big demon and shadowed her face going up and down. 
Rishabh was ecstatic, when he felt her tongue playing with his precious two. He moved Sonalika's bum towards his face while she licked and caressed his jewels with love. Before Sonalika could finish fondling and sucking the hard rock bone, she felt a current around her clitoris. Rishabh was ready to charge! He wanted Sonalika to widen her legs. He slid her panty and passionately rubbed his tongue between the folds of her labia. As soon as he started to insert his tongue and stimulate her, Sonalika couldn't resist, 'Honey please! Make love to me' she begged Rishabh.
Rishabh removed Sonalika's wet panty and wrinkled maxi in haste.  She winked and grabbed a cover for Rishabh's wicked toy. She removed his wet t-shirt before she climbed him up. She cried in joy, 'Aaargh! I am not getting down today easily.' The wall shadowed their coherent humping, which rhymed like a song with the raindrops outside. After a while, Sonalika switched position and Rishabh pushed to and fro rapidly. ‘Faster! Harder! Yeah harder!’ she moaned. Going deeper each time and stroking Sonalika sensuously, Rishabh widened her legs.  As Sonalika clutched her legs across him, Rishabh felt a gush of juices moving out, ‘Love you! My horny babe!’ he exhaled. They clenched each other's hands and gasped for breath. Their pink faces were relaxed.
As they lay on the bed and cuddled each other, they heard the thunder, lightning and raindrop. They looked into each other’s content eyes when Sonalika lovingly said, despite being married for so many years; this romantic monsoon rain ‘soaked us in love’ again.

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Sunday, May 10, 2015


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Mom: Be a good girl, take care of yourself and be a good daughter-in-law.
Daughter: But I don’t want to leave you and Dad. I want to stay with you Forever.
Mom: Every girl has to go one day. Eventually you will have to go my dear. They are your new family.
Daughter: I have never lived without you guys. How will I manage? I don’t know them.
Mom: You have to lead your life with your husband and he is a nice guy, he will take good care of you.
Daughter: But you love me more! You guys know my nature, my habits. I feel scared and lonely with them.
Mom: They will love you as well, you will be happy. Don’t worry, we are just a phone call away.
Daughter: If you say so, I will try my best. But I can’t imagine my life without you all. Life will not be the same, I wish I could stay with you forever.

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Surreal love

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"With her starved legs wide open she lay on the bed with her dress gathered at her waist. She was squeezing as he sniffed her hungry labia and licked it caressingly. Her legs widened and her pelvic swayed in a rhythm. He had tasted and tickled her clit and stroked the vulva till she moaned and was out of breath. She clenched her fists and felt the contractions between her legs, when she closed her legs on his face. She was satisfied. 
She got up to soothe him and petted him till he wagged his tail. She fondled his balls and stroked him till there was a knot and he was hard like a rock. He was ecstatic with the rhythmic hand job. He stood still and panted heavily. He calmed himself down, after he had cleaned himself looking at her happy face."

It all came to her as a flashback one night when she was crying to herself lying next to her husband. Kaina had consciously forgotten about it as if it were a dream, because the fact was she was now married. She never had to explain Rocky, what she needed. They knew how the other felt within by a mere look in each other's eyes. But this relationship was a secret. Probably because it would not be understood by anyone except the two of them. Actually it was not acceptable by the society she lived in. Although she could but she never let Rocky become a part of her present even though he lived with her and her husband to make sure she gives 100 percent to her marriage.

That night when Kaina tried explaining her husband how badly she needed him to make love, she felt as if she was begging and justifying her physical needs. Thereafter she thought to herself, Some people become a part of our souls, they don't ask you questions. You don't tell them a thing. Yet they know what is missing, what you need, what has happened, what will satisfy you, what will make you happy. As she pondered sitting alone in her room the next morning, Rocky came to her waging his tail and he rubbed his head against her arm. She felt no resistance, as her legs unfurled to his warm tongue yet again as he understood what she needed. She realised who was her real soul mate.

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 is here!

Unbelievable! I didn't write a word in year 2014 on my blog! I was definitely too occupied with work, family and work again. Well, it's better late than never. 
I am glad I am back and this time I am not just back for one post in the year. I am back for good. I am going to be regular and I promise to write and blog hop often. (No that is not my new year resolution!) I will blog more often because it has always given my peace and made me happy.
I have a few thoughts in my mind that I want to keep close in my daily thoughts. Hence I want to pen them down here:
I want to stay positive, be a good person and do good this year.
I will love myself and take care of myself. I will have more of ME time..
I will smile, laugh, sing and dance more often. Just a little bit of fun won’t spoil me!
Last, but not the least I want to be thankful to God, my elders and have gratitude in my heart for everything and everyone because it has always made me feel light inside and feel good!
I am going to write soon about what all has happened in year 2014 in my upcoming blog posts.
Wishing all my readers and dear ones an year filled with new opportunities, new strengths to realize dreams that are old and new! Wishing everyone around me and out there good health, lots of wealth, success in whatever they do and most importantly happiness each day and in years to come! A very happy new year 2015!



Monday, December 2, 2013

Redefined Love of an Arranged Marriage

I can not forget how I you looked and when I met you for the first time,
I had butterflies in my stomach, I wore my peach dress and a sweet smile..
I still remember those days, text messages and meetings we had,
Oh! I can't skip our arguments and fights which drove us mad..
Although we had our moments of "getting to know each other",
I was still not in love..and was unsure about our marriage and future..
Sometimes I was excited, sometimes I felt loved and sometimes I was misunderstood,
But mostly I was scared of this decision and I was terribly confused.. 
Now after living a hundred and ninety eight days of our marriage with you ,
Today I feel how naive, ignorant and stupid I was to doubt you..
You haven't let any day pass without expressing how much you love me,
With you there hasn't been a night when you haven't hugged me..
I cook for you once in a while and you buy me gifts occasionally,
You are a spouse, a guide and my friend I can trust completely.. 
Our fights haven't reduced, we argue, we cry sometimes and complain, 
Honey but our love conquers these fights each time and would still remain same.. 
You have accepted me with all my imperfections and loved me everyday,
your unconditional and selfless love has made me a different "Me" today.. 
Each day I thank God for blessing me with you my darling,
I thank you for being so understanding, caring and loving..
Actually I thank you for being "you"! 

Love you forever and always..

P.S.1 - Thanks to my dearest friend Khushboo and her entire family for introducing me to you! :)
P.S.2 - I am back again and a Big Hello to my Blogville friends :) ! I hope you remember me :P