Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Let bygones be bygones... I can and I will do it!

I wish my dear blog a very "Happy New Year".
As I begin to pour my heart and mind by pressing these tiny keys on my laptop, I recall clearly each time I have come to my personal Blog. It gave me peace and a comforting feeling.
I wish to write more often and more vividly, this year.  I couldn’t be regular last year. The last year taught me in many ways both personally and professionally. I will keep my learning close and I definitely look forward to the new challenges and changes that lie ahead of me… Change is the only constant thing. 
I will dearly miss a few people that left me and my family last year. Life and death are not in our control. I will specially miss my dear Grandma- ‘Mata Love you always!’
A lot of times I didn’t feel too well and now I know because I couldn't write as often I used to write before marriage. I promise, now I will.
I am eagerly waiting to hear from my readers, fellow friends on the Blog-ville. 
Pardon me for any errors, I have lost touch and I need to brush up my writing skills.
I am all ears to any suggestions or corrections. 
My mantra for this year is: 'Only you can bring change to your life.'

Wishing everyone all the luck and strength to chase their dreams, fight their little battles with a brave heart and achieve what their heart yearns for. 

Candid Girl - Megha