Friday, December 30, 2011

Let bygones be bygones :)

It is true, 'Every end is a new beginning'! As the year 2011 comes to an end, a few things in my life have already come to an end. This year was quite eventful and not happening at the same time. I have mixed feelings when I recollect how days have passed. I wait for a minute and stress on my mind in recollecting how this year started.. I remember, I had a fight with my mother, indeed an unpleasant start! Clearly a trailer of how I have spent most of the months gone by. The first month was relaxed and I didn't do much and like wise no major developments took place in February as well apart form me attending the German language classes irregularly. I really enjoyed when I went to Shirdi with my very close friend Swati, it was special. But I was unaware about what was waiting for me. Upon my return I had a few important decisions to be taken care of. Life was not same post April. I had a setback. I introspected and realized I needed to leave my comfort zone and evolve as a different person to be more acceptable. In short I needed to loose weight. As the days passed, I progressed but mom's surgery came as a jolt. Thereafter I couldn't continue with the regime. I took a break..  and experienced what I had never imagined. Depression had gulped me for the second time. After working for 2 years rigorously, sitting at home made me prone to  become rusted and idle. We feel sorrowful, and think it is the worst until the worst actually strikes! I sailed through. I owe a big heartfelt thanks to the almighty for blessing me with friends and family who helped me overcome this phase. Very soon I gathered myself and promised myself one more time I will not give up. I was back with full force, I started going to the gym again. I enjoyed working out, I personally feel each and every individual should have a work out regime for themselves, it might be their favorite sport for that matter. Our body demands it. I had some nice moments with friends and family, I had a few night outs and a few get together this year which were memorable. I feel blessed for all those moments, they make life worthwhile. A lot of times I felt I should start writing and compartmentalize my life story based upon how I have felt, lived and experienced till date. Sometimes I felt I should write about people in my life, how they have touched my life. I avoided nostalgia, it makes me gloomy. But most importantly, I smiled and looked forward. I have indeed learnt a lot and grown up as a person. As these months passed by I witnessed another big time blow towards the end of 2011. With hopes high, strong faith and self belief I seek blessings from my "maalik" .. and move on. I am positive the coming year will bring the better out of me. I am learning and improving on my learning curve for life. 
To conclude this year was filled with a lot of mistakes and a couple of important lessons learnt. I have very closely understood- "To have what you never had, you need to do what you never did". Looking forward to perform and make my loved ones proud. 

Megha :-)