Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Barsaat ki raat..

Like any other night filled with the familiar darkness,
i was curling up in the bed with my emptiness..
I heard the thunder and the lightening strike the sky,
i was a bit excited to hear the clouds roar and cry..
wondered why is it raining at this time and month of the year,
may be it is the long lost love shedding a tear..
Or may be it is God whipping the slate clear :),
the kid within just told me to enjoy and cheer..
Tiny drops of rain falling from the black upper space,
I first felt them on my palm, and let them fall on my face..
My closed eyes, and drenched lips tasted the chill,
It was fresh, irresistibly divine and tranquil.. 
I think I just did some talking with the cool breeze,
leaving me tongue tied amidst the rejuvenating freeze!

A small dedication to the shower I just had.. :-) .. Bonus click as well ;p


  1. Very well rhymed poem!!

    It seems you have written it while sitting under an umbrella....fantastic depiction of enjoying rain in an unusual time.

    "I think I just did some talking with the cool breeze"....simply a great line...please let me know about this art.LOL.

    I must say after a short break you have given a worth to read....Its a delight for the people who like rains.

    Keep the good work flowing in.


  2. Anupam I am a rain lover and one of those real crazy one! I always do this 'talking' with the clouds, sky..the rain..falling overhead and yes the cool breeze! :-) It is a enigmatic experience!
    It is to be felt and not taught ;p

    Thank you so much for appreciating and I wish I could write someday - "....while sitting under an umbrella..." :) It will be special!

    I loved clicking pictures..and that inspired me to write :) :)


  3. is to be felt but I beg to differ its not an enigmatic but may be a very soothing experience where you see the grass very can actually sense the smell of the barks (tree)...fragrance of the mud....just too beautiful...and even a small thing like a white coloured car...looks very white...Rains add beauty to the nature...that goes without saying.

    And Yes I like the style of posting pictures with your poems...innovative!!It looks like you are reading a book of poems with graphics.


  4. Lovely words aptly capturing the rejuvenation felt by the freshness of the raindrops!

  5. Megha
    when i opened ur space one of my fav songs playing.
    Tx u make my day
    u write so beautiful.Its like i feel the fresh drops on me. Ur a creativ person Megha
    Enjoy ur sunday ( ur watching cricket)??

  6. @Anupam.. Thank you so much.. your words are encouraging.. and I agree rains add beauty to the nature. I really like visualizing and also.. recording things with images.. :) .. Hence, I love updating my blog with pictures..(Relevance sometimes varies or depends on person to person)

    @Richa.. :) Thank you so much dear, I appreciate your visit and your words!

    @Marijke.. I love this song as well and I always wanted it to be here.. on my blog! you made my day.. i feel motivated to write.. Sweetie.. :) .. Well i don't watch cricket.. much, but sometimes i do.. :P

    Megha :)

  7. Beautiful words Megha, loved the spirit of joyous enthusiasm coming through...Refreshing and soothing at the same time :)


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