Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gloomy turned cook :P

Ever experienced that drowning feeling under water? The only thing you would recollect after catching breath is "constant fight to gasp air"! That reminds me I don't know how to swim till now, I was supposed to learn it as soon as I leave my job. Lazy me- I got to learn it next summer. Strikingly,  I sometimes feel this suffocation when I haven't moved out of my house in a long time, not roamed around in it properly considering we have a small one; not taking bath for two days consecutively. It is difficult to evaluate if its isolation or solitude which leads to this disturbing emotion though. [May be it is absolute laziness ;) per my mum] However, when the sinking feeling gets onto you the instant reaction is to break-free. The feeling accomplished soon after it is of 'Re-birth'.
The utter distress experienced all this while may be harmful or even destructive in nature. At times, people tag it as 'depression'. It is so common with me, that I prefer to call it one of those "closed days". Unexpectedly, it might also bring the best in you. You might end up introspecting or taking initiative for a new beginning. The urge to unravel sometimes brings the best in you; you might discover your hidden talents and optimize them. I have recently started cooking. I knew how to cook before as well, but now I am trying to learn and re-learn how to cook things that I like. It is fun. Actually it is lot more than the usual household cooking. 
At least that is what I want it to be.
I had prepared Suji Halwa. I liked it. Next I had prepared Bread rolls (with the stuffing of potatoes, peas, onion and some basic kitchen spices). With the left over mixture I tried cutlets, I believe they were not bad. Unfortunately, the most awaited recipe that I tried last evening didn't turn out well. I tried tempting Garlic pull-outs from a neighboring blog- Easy cooking. Honestly I was disheartened to see what I had prepared it was a disaster. Fortunately I got some assistance from Divya, who helped me understand what went wrong. Cooking I believe is just like a haircut, once done can't be undone. I have decided next time I will take pictures to make it more memorable for myself. (not the spoiled ones of course :P)
Hopefully, till I post next I will be ready with a successful attempt of a new recipe ;)



  1. Megha, for ur qn regarding the chocolate mocha cake, i took a fresh coffee decoction and for buttermilk i whisked the thick curd with half cup of water, i used low fat curd for making a low fat buttermilk, hope this helps..thanks for ur encouraging words..

  2. Hey Megha, when I read your post it reminds me of my 15 yr old daughter & I can't believe how similar state of minds can be! That said, girl, get up, have a shower, and get some kitchen therapy!! No bath for 2 days...yikes...a mother's despair!! OK that said, hope you baked a cake for your cousins, and am looking forward to more foodie posts from you. Love the background soundtrack BTW!
    Just read the comment above. While I was on a obsessive path to make soft cheese like quark etc at home, I discovered that the plain chaach from Mother Dairy is good old buttermilk.
    Happy baking, Deeba

  3. @Priya- Hey thanks for visiting my blog :D .. and Many thanks for your reply.. will get back to you to let you know how was the cake ..m planning to make this one when my sister is at home.. may be on 29th ;)... he he.. it would be so much fun..:P ..

    @Deeba- Glad to know about your Daughter and we share some interests.. :)
    Ok.. m going to take my fav bubble bath ;)
    hehehehe.. lol, you know that happens sometimes when you don't have any plans..n one is bored to friends.. no siblings around..:(
    I'm loving the kitchen therapy..!
    I did bake a cake, well I only have one concern it wasn't fluffy from the center.. :( Do you know why?.. I think may be I had doubled the ingredients to make a bigger cake.. so I should have baked two cakes with the batter instead of one..
    I will wait for your expert inputs :P
    Well, I will be posting the pics here on the blog of the cake :D .. i liked it.. coz my cousins fought over having the last piece.. he he.. and This song is very soothing that is why it is here..surprisingly, I don't understand what the singer has said in Sri-lankan..but i love the melody..
    I will try the recipe with Chaach.. if I am able to find one because we get the salted one here :( ... and I simply loved the little Santa's Oops.. the Strawberry cranberry Macrons..with low fat cream.. Deeba, they seemed to be sinful..! :) I don't know when will I be able to go for them..coz I think macrons are really difficult to prepare.. :P
    much luv..

    I would be glad to see you visiting more often :)

  4. Megha i really liked reading your post, and i must tell you that you are really good with words & i mean it seriously :)You know while i was reading the post it actually brought a smile on my lips as i could relate to it(only the cooking bit not the bathing one) & thanks to your post that now i am all motivated to start cooking again :)
    love you***mmmmmuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhhh & hugs**


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