Friday, December 31, 2010

Shift + Delete

It is not coming off, the memories that I am trying to clean..
they are deep..almost engraved and etched between,
How do I wipe them off and clear the memory slate?
past is dark, buried and I have given upon my fate,
I want to do it now, and get rid off this sulking feel..
It has killed me each day, and left me beyond heal,
I am really tired of fighting each day and rising to fail again..
Please either finish me or let me be a new name,
I don't want to remember, please erase it all..
Let me be a new me, and let the dead unwanted fall,
I hope you are listening to me and don't ignore..
it won't be fair this year, if i feel like before... :(


  1. Thank you! I am glad you liked it.. :)

  2. Hey .....that is a nice way of saying your prayer...I like it...really nice and May Almighty "let the dead unwanted fall".
    Great Work!!

    Have nice time ahead.

  3. Anupam glad to know you liked it.. :) .. having a note for your writings kind of lightens up your day! :) ..

    I will be thankful, if you give me some constructive criticism next time ;p ..or may be some suggestion. :) .. I wish to improve genuinely.

    Megha !

  4. Megha,

    Constructive criticism is a heavy term. If I have to say this in terms of football then you are asking a debutant to score 5 goals in his first match. I am a Rookie as wall says. I really do not know how to write, I just write gives immense pleasure.

    What ever I have read so far I would say your work is stupendous...I like it very much.

    And yes I would suggest you to experiment....try to give the reader a new stuff to read which can be related to something or someone.

    And do believe that whatever you write makes you happy ..I think the same way...after all people would have their say...its their job.

    I have experimented something new
    do read and find it out
    will you?

    Love, Angst and Agony 1,2 read them in one go.

    I will be back with more suggestions.

    Take care.


  5. Anupam I agree with you, I can't write anything here..if I don't feel it from within. I enjoy it as well.. ;p

    Since I agree with your suggestion, I will be updating soon :) .. and I hope you find it a little different.

    Let me hop on to your blog to read the new stuff ;) .. he he.. and yes, keep visiting and sharing new ideas, I am eager to learn and improvise!

    Takecare too,

    Megha :-)

  6. Hello Megha,

    After a brief hiatus I am back.

    How are you doing??Are you writing anything these days??I am waiting to read your new work.

  7. Hey..

    I have written a new poem....personally i do not like i was planning to write something else...but again personally its really special.....I just finished it in 1 hour...phew!!I need some sleep now and please write something.

    Take care.


  8. @Anupam - Good to see you back!.. I am just going to read your poem asap.. and to be honest I have been fighting with my blues and averting to paint all the hues.
    I will try if I can update my blog with a new post. :) .. I will be more than happy.

  9. Ok..I am eagerly waiting.

    Take care....cheers!


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