Sunday, December 12, 2010

One last "hug!"...

I feel miserable, to ask you for my one last hug..
because I will never forget how we used to snug,
May be the bond that we shared was not known to all..
and the beautiful mansion of our dreams was built to fall,
How will I live without the warmth of your arms and caress..
whom will I run to, when I can't put myself to rest,
I feel emotionally crippled, cut and wounded right now..
only the pain is getting worse and I 'have' to live WOW!!
Tears roll down my neck and I feel am burning inside..
I wish I could memorize forever and hold on to your last sight..
My heart is bleeding and is once again left torn apart..
please don't leave me alone and cut my life into parts,
I feel so unwanted, suffocated, choked and finished..
I want to relive my very first hug and how I was innocently kissed,
Now I miss your voice, companionship, and true love in the eye..
there is no one who knows I am lying and when I am not I,
Don't go, please I beg you, Don't go.. :(
You haven't yet taught me to live without you or let you go...

P.S. I haven't written this poem for any of the "people" whom I loved.


  1. Sweet... love your disclaimer in the end. LOL

  2. Thanks Deeba for your keen observation! :)

  3. "the beautiful mansion of our dreams was built to fall"....extremely well said....Fantastic.

    One last hug is reminds me of a clip...where a guy is chasing a one understands his get one last hug.LOL.

    But your effort has certainly not gone in vain.

    Beautiful words.

  4. I had written this one in a jiffy, I still remember.. :)
    But it is very dear to me.. Thanks once again for your words Anupam. Oh! and I like your visualization :) good one..

    Thanks ..


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