Sunday, November 28, 2010

The bygone me..

I have been missing and looking for a part of me,
the one you liked and loved specially..
It was sweet, innocent and my honest self,
now I juxtapose and pretend to be some one else..
I am tired of digging the past and finding "it" no more,
was it your creation or did I metamorphose...? 
Of all the thoughts which chase my mind,
this one is the most wrenching kinds!!


  1. Hello Ma'am,

    In this post V-hour...
    i am gathering my power
    to look it carefully and to pay some heed..

    I am not not passing my time...but trying to understand the words and their rhyme!

    Fantastic work Ma'am...words are perfectly woven with emotions and emotions have been expressed wonderfully..all in all great work!!

    I could only read the 1st page..would read the rest later and FYI-you've just added a follower.

    You can know about me from our common friend Swati.

    I am Anupam Mishra (Rookie).

  2. Hi Anupam, many thanks.. for your visit and your words, they certainly motivate me to keep writing! :)

    P.S. Will visit you in a while.. :)


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