Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A window to her..heart (Part II)

Rashi tried to sleep but in vain. Very soon she could hear the snoring in the room. Unlike Chirag sleeping at peace, her mind was now evaluating and introspecting. She couldn't blink her eyes, as she was lost in recollecting what all happened when she reached home from the party last night.

She retrospected, it was already eleven and She had just come from the Party, escaping the blaring music. She was thinking to herself, it was good to meet everybody after a long time! She was just wondering on how time flies. Rashi had a mild headache and she was just preparing to sleep after her daily ritual of cleansing her face. She had put on her night dress and some light soothing music....she missed how Chirag caresses her head if she tells him she has got a headache..and suddenly the doorbell rang!
She looked at the wall clock 23:42 and presumed it must be Chirag. But he was supposed to come in morning, 'adat nahi jayegi Surprises dene ki' ..she smiled and went to open the door.

"Rajat? what are you doing here?!
Hey Rashi, mm.. I am sorry for coming here so late..

No no, its ok, come inside. Tu theek to hai na?
Ya, m fine. Just wanted to see you..."

Rashi successfully managed to hide how shocked she was to see him; she went into the kitchen. Rajat followed her. She was just turning to exit the kitchen, when she was a little taken aback to see Rajat standing right in front of her.

"Kya hua? you had plans to stay overnight at Geetika's place.. is everything ok?
umnnn....Ra..rashi, .. "

Rajat for the first time stammered in front of Rashi. He could see a very anxious look in her eyes. On the contrary Rashi was still trying to figure out what was he up to. As if both of them were no longer able to disguise in the 'over friendly and jovial equation'. Pretentious, both knew where this was heading.

"Bolega? Did you have dinner?
Ya, I had it. I think I want to tell you something Rashi.. ..

Oh really, don't tell me! is one of your girlfriend-tales from London now? If that is the case.. tu pitega! Raat ke barah baje, you can't be kidding me!
umnn.. "

Rajat was still struggling to put his thoughts in words , Rashi was shying away from this situation. A peculiar discomfort crept in.

"Rashi, I haven't been same ever since...
I knew this was coming up, Rajat i told you, never bring this up ever again! Hum us baarey mein baat nahi kar rahe!

You can't lie to me, you miss me too Rashi, don't you?
NO! I don't. I am happily married. Let us not get started with it!

I miss you so much, and your touch .. and ..
Shut up Rajat! I think, ab tumhe ghar jana chahiye.."

Rashi got up, her face was flushed with anger when she left the room to avoid this awkward situation. She went to the balcony, it was pitch dark. She could not refrain herself from regretting going to the party in the first place. She was busy murmuring,  and a passionate kiss around her neck swept her away! She turned in rage to push him, RAJAT!!.. When she gathered herself, she was in his tight embrace and couldn't move. Rajat had sealed her lips. With all her vigor Rashi shoved him off.
Rashi stepped aside.

"I am warning you Rajat, LEAVE! or else..
Kya ho gaya shona, you don't love me anymore? you don't like me kissing anymore?
I told you it is all over! Don't you dare touch me again.. and please Leave.."

Rajat was bewildered, but was too high to realize how badly Rashi wanted him to disappear. He started to walk out of the Balcony towards the room. Rashi, had a sigh of relief, but only for a moment.

"Theek hai, if this is what you want..then........
Rajat, it is already very late and I think we shouldn't contact each other anymore."

The sense of being detached moved Rajat. He turned to say - "Can I hug you Shona one last time..please mana mat karna.."
Rashi inevitably lost all her control. Before she could answer, Rajat hugged her tight enough..and just took her against the kiss her neck.

Sh.......don't say anything, Shona..I know you love me,"
*passionately suckled onto her lips*

Rashi, remembered each and every moment she had spent in Rajat's arms, in his embrace. She resisted it hard.
Her hands pushed Rajat, but somewhere Rajat knew how her body responded to his touch.

*His hands moved around her waist, caressing..*
Ohh Rashi...I love you so much, Shona..say you love me once..

*His face moving around her collar bone..breathing heavily*
Rashi broke her silence.

"Yes!..I miss you Raj! But......."

Rajat placed his palm on her lips. He just knew Rashi too well and likewise her body as well. He continued to expressed how much he loves her. Rashi couldn't believe whatever was happening. May be now she could not mask her love for Rajat anymore. She was enticed.

*hugged each other and continued to kiss wildly*

They were lying next to each other in Rashi's bedroom, when Rajat started to undo her clothes.. In no time, did both of them realized how badly needed each other.
They were inseparable.
While they were stung by the pangs of reuniting with the lost love, Rashi saw her wedding photograph hanging on the wall. Very soon the amour left her secluded only to realize the infidelity of the moment.
She raised herself and got dressed hurriedly. Rajat was begging her to come back..he could hear her talking to herself.

"Kya hua baba, come back!
Rajat, whatever happened, should not have happened. I beg you, please leave before it is too late.

I don't understand, what didn't like it? you can't lie to me, I know you loved it Shona!
Whatever happened was a mistake, I shouldn't have done it.. Oh god...Please jaoooo...yaha se,"

*She started crying*

Rashi was talking as if she had just got up from a dream, as if nothing if she loved him no more...

"Why did you do this Rajat? Why did you come back? Why?!
What?! ..

Why did you leave me..? you did not love me...
I have always loved know it, I had no choice,

Kyo gaye tum mujhey chhod ke?? Did I not love you Rajat? Where did I go wrong? Damn it!
Rashi you know after Dad's death I had to move to London to take care of mom.I had to leave, tumhari shadi itni jaldi fix ho gayi..I didn't even know everything would happen so fast...

Kya nahi pta tha? You knew my parents were looking, I always told you.. come back before it is too late!
I had to manage everything on the business front and my Visa..didn't allow me to travel to India so soon.. But.....Rashi I tried speaking to your family, you know it. They were not ready to believe me, or listen to me...
Tried?? Forget it!! don't even know how it feels and how much it hurts..

She pushed him away, when Rajat came to hug her.. Rajat was numb, as if his world collapsed. In a spur of moment he realized that, Rashi is not going to listen to him anymore..she was crying and loosing her breath..He went to grab a glass of water for her.

"Acha chup ho jao pehle, aur meri baat suno..
No I don't want to listen to you..please go away..
ok, i am sorry, if you want me to leave....i m going.."

Tum jaag rahi ho? Did you not sleep....?
Nahi nahi, tum sojao mein bas abhi uthi hu.

Rashi didn't realize it was 5am, and Chirag got up because of the alarm. Rashi might not be able to confess ever what happened that night. Her love for Rajat got burnt in the flames of remorse of last night. She can never make up for this one mistake of her life. She thought to herself, sometimes our biggest mistakes teach us the most important lessons by giving us a different perspective to look at life. Whatever happened was inevitable, she realized may be it was her destiny to get married to Chirag and have a more beautiful life. She was awakened to Chirag's pure love. Rashi looked at Chirag with eyes overflowing with admiration.

*She kissed his forehead* Love you baby..


  1. very interesting through out.. the best part is the lesson at the end sometimes " out destiny/God has better plans for us then we had thought".. loved it & soo touched..

  2. the best part of the story was that it pulled me into it was so interesting !!!
    meghz ..noone can say that this ur first hand at wrytin stories babes a writer u wer defintly able to transfer the the protagonists emotions to the reader ..hence creatin a strong connectn btwn the both !
    keep up the gud work :)
    now m lukin forwrd to read more such interstin stories cumin frm u :)

  3. This was a nice read (Though I didn't understand the hindi bits)..Is this the first time you are writing stories ???? Good work Meghna..Keep writing. Will come back for more :)


  4. Swati- Thank you, m glad you were touched!

    Khushboo- It is just the beginning, and I will try my best to improve in the coming stories :D .. Thanks for being there and helping me with the Editing! It wouldn't have looked what it is now ;)

    Onarollercoasterride: Thank you so much for giving my work a glance. Sorry for the 'Hindi' sections.. yes this is my first story. :) ..

    adayinlifeofmom: :) Thank you so much!



  5. Interesting story and good narration, Megha! Enjoyed reading it!

  6. It's really nice touching story, as a matter of fact touched me at different places !!!!

  7. @Sandhya: Thanks a lot for the compliment! I am glad you enjoyed reading it.

    @Mr Deranged: Thanks! :D .. I wonder if you have read both the parts :p ..Anyhow thanks!

  8. Was blog hopping when I found this blog. Nice story. Very realistic and very much in tune with life and reality!

  9. i love every word U kept me reading.Love can do strange things My friend.
    and unanswered love is killing.


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