Monday, August 22, 2011

A window to her..heart

Ting-Tong! Ting-Tong!
"Chirag.." Can you answer the doorbell please!?
Ya, I am getting it.

Rashi was in the kitchen preparing Tea; still lost in her thoughts, trying to recollect what happened last night. Her mind was clouded with gazillion questions about last 8 hours. Chirag had just come from Singapore.

Who was there?
Koi nahi, Dhobhi tha.
Oh! I completely forgot to tell you Shweta Didi called yesterday. Guess what! She is expecting. She tried calling you, but your number was not reachable. 
Wow! That is fabulous. I will call her straight away! 

She was caught in the midst of a storm of bizarre glimpses she could remember from last night. Going into a flashback of the events that took place. She wasn't sure of how she is supposed to feel. A gush of feelings passed through her body as if the blood was flowing from her brain to her body.

Ye bhi koi kehne ki baat hai! ..Ok, see you in evening! Bye Jija ji. 
Didi and Jija ji have invited us for dinner tonight. I can't wait to meet didi, this is so special. Maa aur Bauji hote to kitne khush hotey! 
I need to go to the bank and I have to give these documents to Vivek. I will be back around 4pm. I will come and pick you, we will go and buy something for Didi and Jija ji.

Chirag left for bank. Rashi was blank. As if Chirag was talking to a wall, his words had fallen on deaf ears. Her phone rang.

"Now what?
No, I told you last night don't call me!
Whatever happened was ...

She closed her eyes, which were tired and stoned with the swirl of images from the party last night. Rashi washed her face again and again, as if she was trying to put herself to reality. Trying to wake herself up from a deep slumber. She clearly remembers how much she refrained from drinking last night. She thought to herself- Thank god I didn't drink! Chirag loves me a lot. Yes, he does! Her phone rings again.. (Tensed, Rashi thought its him again)

Are you ready?
..Haan, where are you?
I am going to reach in another 15 minutes, I will call-come downstairs near the gate.
Theek hai, I'll be there, Bye.

Last evening, it was Geetika- Rashi's best friend's birthday party. Since Chirag was out of town, Rashi didn't want to go to the party alone. Geetika however insisted and asked Rashi to still come over to her party. Rashi was somewhere not feeling good about going to this party, however she wasn't sure what was bothering her. In lieu of the childhood friendship, she left for the party around 7pm, thinking she will drive back home around 9:30 post dinner. The birthday celebration started once all the family and friends joined in. Geetika was elated to have her at the party. 
"I am so happy, you made it..I love you baby" .. 
Rashi hugged her back and told her- "Kaisi baatein kar ri hai, aana hi tha- Love you a lot Geetu" 
"I wish Chirag was here too, no worries hum weekend pe to mil hi rahe hain..on your anniversary!"
"Haan, haan bilkul."

Rashi recapped the whole event of meeting dear ones and common friends.. She was just stuck how it all progressed..

"Hiee Rashi, kaisi hai? Where have you been? You look so different..hmmm, great yaar! 
Hi Rajat, Thanks, I am good and when did you come back from London?

I just came to Delhi last week and Geetika invited me! Acha hai na.. tujhse milna hogaya warna tu kaha milti Mrs Singh!
Shut up Rajat! Aesa kuch nahi hai, I am just too busy with work.

Ya ya.. you and your excuses.......!
No, really. You know how things are when you get promoted with all the more meetings, Sigh! 

Acha chal ye bata, abhi bhi movies dekh k roti hai, he he he? huh..
I will kill you Rajat! .. Urrghh! .. Tu nahi sudhrega, haina? Now you know why I don't meet you! huh!

Ok baba! .. No more leg pulling, should I get you a drink? ...your favorite, Vodka with Orange juice?
No thanks, I am not drinking.

Tune peeni chhod di??! Now this is getting intersting..News for me! 
Arey silly, I don't feel like drinking today.. aur tu peene se pehle hi behki behki baatein karne laga! ...."

Completely engrossed in her thoughts, Rashi didn't realize it was already 16:10, Chirag was waiting for her in the car, he called. Rashi hurried downstairs. 

Sorry, I didn't realize. Where are we going?
Tum batao, Should we go to Shoppers Destination..?
Ya, thats fine. Waha ki collection achi hai. 

Soon after the shopping and the dinner, Rashi told Chirag- She was really happy for Shweta Didi.  She also told him, how tired she was. She just wanted to crash in the bed.
Chirag was overwhelmed to meet his sister, didn't really listen to the later part of the conversation. 

They discussed how was Chirag's trip. Rashi was happy to figure out, however it was an official trip Chirag had a good time in Singapore. Rashi was numb within. They reached home. 

Oh my baby..., I missed you so much! How have you been without me..for so many days?
I missed you too Chirag..
*He turned to kiss her forehead*
Do you know how much I love you?
*Kissed her cheeks*
I just want
*Clutched her into his arms and fell on the bed*
Chirag, I have to leave early for work tomorrow.
It has been so long, Rashu...
Yes, but I told you - I am tired,
*kissed her softly on the neck*
I need to sleep on time, Chirag...are you listening to me?
Yes, I am and I know.. you love me..
*holds her face in his hands and says- I love you*
*turns off the lamp, hugs her from behind and whispers into her ears I love you Rashi* too...Chirag! be Continued**


  1. its beautiful!! very intriguing... The way it is written, i can imagine all this happening.. I picturised all the characters and everything happening in my mind.. Want to read more of it ASAP

  2. waiting to read next part...

  3. @Swati: Thank you so much for your words of appreciation! .. You encouraged me..and were the very first reader of my first story! :) Love you!

    @adayinlifeofmom: :-) ..thanks for your time, m so glad to find out you are looking forward to read the second part..I have just posted it.. :)


    Megha. :)


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