Friday, February 17, 2012

Genuinely Single

He called up last night and I was busy dreaming about him,
can you believe that? is what in morning I text back in a whim..
I talk to myself in the dark bedroom at midnight,
sometimes with eyes open and sometimes catching the street light..
The questions with obvious answers chase my mind,
like a moron I try to brainstorm to get nightmares unkind..
While I chit chat the day out with friends and evening with family,
I return to bed with the same challenge of not thinking of the 'he'.. 
To utter disgust I lose again, I can't refrain 
what else, I am still playing the same challenge game!

P.S. I wonder how many of us who claim to be "single and available" are actually single in their heart or detached from their past. 


  1. i can truly sense frm the poem wat wud hav been goin on in ur mind ..n moreover u've jus so successfully moulded 'almost single' into a poem! luved the post script as well :)

    1. :-) Let us read "Almost Single" again :P .. Whatsay? :)

  2. Captured so beautifully. Terrific piece of poetry. The idea was very well described

    1. :) Thank you so much Tanya..for taking out the time to go through my poems :)

      Megha :)

  3. i like your style of writing... simple flow, with deep meaning!
    one typo - change loose to lose. :)

  4. Your proof reading really means a lot to a lazy bumm like me :D
    Glad you spared a few minutes to go through my previous poems :)

  5. Liked the simple style of writing and conveying what you felt!
    And more than anything your P.S left an impact on me..are we single in our heart or detached from our past..maybe we aren't detached we are trying to lock it in corner where no light penetrates it :)

    Nice blog!

    Take Care

    1. Thank you so much Fatima..for going through my work and liking it.. :)
      You have got what I was trying to say..and m glad you could relate with it..

      Thanks for visiting and dropping by :)


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